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Hello, my name is Alba Labuda and I am a designer by passion and by profession.

I am the Creative Director of Labuda Design and lead our small team of dedicated designers, architects and carpenters.

Labuda Design exists for over 25 years and is a place where family, friends and friends to be, meet and join forces to create and produce things they believe in.

We are a design studio and at the same time we run a technologically advanced workshop that brings our ideas to life.  Not only can we prepare the design concept but also prototype and manufacture the final product.

Thanks to our on-site infrastructure we are completely independent, and we guarantee high quality workmanship. We are proud that we can work with our clients from start to finish offering a high-quality in-house service on every step. The fact that we ourselves manufacture the things we envision gives us freedom in pursuing better and more complex design solutions.

If you want to create places, spaces and objects, we are here to help you. If something is important to you, it will be important to us.

Furniture, interior design, architecture, exhibition design, corporate identity, showrooms – we have experience in all these areas and would love to work with you.

Our mission is

Creating spaces that promote good relationships with other people, ourselves and the world around us, while considering the long-term effects of our built environment on us and the planet.

Our values are

Be creative
Listen to your emotions
Be free to roam
The relationships we maintain are the essence of our existence
Honest communication
We encourage candid and constructive conflict
Humility, frankness, sincerity and kindness
Spend time listening to others
Inclusivness and respect
Proportions and details
We believe in the necessity of Beauty
Enjoy silence
Aesthetics and  functionality are of the same importance. Neither one should exist without the other.
Good design is good business
Good relationships are good business
Knowledge sharing key to success

Our vision

Our blue marble symbolizes the values we hold dear. It represents our company’s vision and the projects we want to undertake.

Our blue marble is symbolical for us because it alludes to the earth seen from space, and at the same time it is a medley of blue, turquoise and teal which refers to the type of organization we hope to become one day.

The earth epitomizes our desire to be good to our surroundings: this means not only being ecological in the “traditional” sense of producing less waste but primarily creating a built environment and products that promote a healthier lifestyle and better relationships with other people, ourselves and the world around us.

We believe there are spatial strategies that can be pursued to condition the human experience and that the experience of space can be either detrimental or advantageous to the tasks set upon us.

The success of a business deal, an unforgettable encounter of lovers, the fruitful writing of a term paper: all of these endeavors are dependent on the place where they occur.
We believe that right proportions add harmony to our lives. We believe that the lack of aesthetical pleasure on a daily basis has long lasting effects on our mind and body. We believe silence and the sounds of nature are valuable to the human condition. We would like to induce experiences that give rise to a heightened awareness and trigger an impulse of consciousness that lead to contemplation and introspection.

Design is a great responsibility.

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